Most strength training gyms promote maximum strength in limited ranges. This leaves many with broken down beach bodies that can’t perform when it comes to real life functions. At FlipFit we believe in a complete movement transformation using a realistic progression system. We aim to provide a holistic approach to training that encompasses skill, strength, mobility, and conditioning.

Progressive Level System

Progress every session.

Bodyweight Strength

Use equipment for your body.

Functional Mobility

Flexibility that matters.

1 on 1 Onboarding

One on one customized onboarding to assure a successful introduction to Gymnastics Strength Training. Fitness is not one size fits all.

Start Group Strength Class

Once you graduate you move into our Base Group Gymnastics Class to build on the foundation we have already created. You can also choose a hybrid membership to continue with the 1 on 1 guidance alongside your base workouts.

Continue Your Journey

Get personal with an individualized program, once you have a strong base you can dial in the results with a program customized to your needs.

Join the Movement!
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Coach Eric

Coach Eric | FlipFit

Using his extensive background in gymnastics, sports, and a variety of movements, Eric has developed a system that gives everyone the freedom to learn and benefit from gymnastics.

Coach Nick

Coach Nick | FlipFit

Nick is the Kids' Coach Director and brings youth and awareness to the gymnastics program. With experience in various sports and training, he leads with his heart and his understanding of the impor...

Answers to our most frequently asked questions


Schedule your free new member Intro session. Your intro session will allow you to get a feel for our coaches and what a Flipfit workout is. After our first session we will recommend a program that works with your schedule and budget.

We are here to guide you and every student begins with fundamental movement to prep the body before you get inverted. We work at your pace through the progressions so that you feel comfortable every step of the way. We take care of building the foundation with you and before you know it, you’ll be upside down performing a skill you never thought possible.

Gymnastics strength training is focused on progressive bodyweight movements that require total body engagement. FlipFit has developed an entire programming philosophy to get students strong and flexible.

Our classes are ideal for a wide range of people and athletes. Our unique approach to fitness appeals to everyone from the hardcore CrossFitter, to the yoga enthusiast, to the stay-at-home mom looking to stay healthy. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you come from, FlipFit will help you move better.

Our approach to strength is designed with longevity as a primary focus and progressive gymnastics strength training is extremely focused on form and body awareness. Because of this our members can forward with their training confidently and safely. Our classes are designed specifically to address mobility deficiencies and thereby prevent injuries.