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Upper Body Basics | FlipFit
Adult Classes
Upper Body Basics

A class Focused on developing a strong lean functional upper body. Flipfit Upper body strength classes include movements on the gymnastics rings, pull up bars, and stall bars to build strength and stability, flexibility, agility, improved coordination, as well as enhanced joint function. Giving you the tools needed for upper body gymnastics strength skills like Muscle ups, handstand push ups.

  • Focus on strong, lean and functional
  • Build strength and flexibility
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Lower Body Basics | FlipFit
Adult Classes
Lower Body Basics

Lower body basics is dedicated to the hips and lower body. An invigorating blend of hip strengthening circuits, gymnastics exercises, plyometric movements and hip mobility training. Students of all levels are welcome. Focusing on the lower body with a proven system designed to sculpted physique and increased strength and range in the lower body. Like most FlipFit workouts lower body basics mainly uses body weight as resistance to tighten and tone muscles. Expect a challenging experience that will have you seeing and feeling results in no time.

  • Focus on hips and lower body
  • Mainly bodyweight resistance
  • Strength and plyometric classes
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Core Basics | FlipFit
Adult Classes
Core Basics

Practicing core movements like L-sits, Planches, Front and Back Levers, and even skills like the Side levers (human flag) results in the kind of strong, defined, functional abs that other programs can't provide. With a fun new approach to core conditioning, and the clear skill progressions for all levels, FlipFit's core basics class is great for the seasoned athlete looking to maximize their potential, or the anyone looking to develop a strong health core that keeps them moving with ease for years to come.

  • Strong, defined, functional abs
  • Maximize core potential
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