1. It’s All In Your Head; An Athletes Mindset for Success

    People can go a long time convincing themselves that they CAN’T do something because it’s too hard, or they’re too old, or they’re not strong enough, etc, etc. Yet, the first step to achieving extraordinary things is to adopt a mindset that propels you forward. We all possess a natural instinct to walk. We are hardwired to move and move freely. When we learn to walk, failing is not even a …Read More

  2. It’s all About That Trunk, No Treble; Working the Core for Spine Health

    Core day is more than just about abs. Yes, we all want those defining lines and toned muscles to show off at the beach, but what are we really working towards on core day? Core stabilization serves a more critical and important function than simple aesthetics. Just doing sit-ups and crunches will not guarantee a strong core. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find that most people don’t fully and…Read More

  3. Fitness as the New Fountain of Youth: Calisthenics and its Rejuvenating Powers

    The Fountain of Youth is not something you’ll find in a remote island somewhere, it is within you and within every individual. At FlipFit we believe in the rejuvenating powers of movement and guide each member towards uncovering their own fitness potential. The key to maintaining youth at any age begins with a desire to be ready for life’s many challenges and opportunities. In his one year at …Read More


    Handstands are an impressive skills that demonstrate a high level of strength, flexibility and body control. Handstands are a broad topic, and it would be impossible to cover everything. In this article I will keep it short and sweet. Leaving you with practical and effect tips to help you achieve your first freestanding handstand. Handstands Make You Better at Everything Handstands may seem like a…Read More


    HANDSTAND PUSH UP TUTORIAL: PROGRESSIONS FOR ULTIMATE UPPER BODY POWER AND CONTROL (4 STEP VIDEO TUTORIAL) Most people think of a handstand push-up as an incredible feat of upper body strength. While the benefits to your upper body will be significant, most seem to overlook all of the other amazing benefits like balance, body, and spatial awareness. These physical capacities will transfer and add …Read More

  6. 7 Basic Stretches You Should Do Daily

    7 Basic Stretches You Should Do Daily: To Free Yourself From Restrictions or Pain The following routine contains 7 total body stretches you can practice daily until your body starts feeling and moving the way you want it to. Don’t get too caught up in doing the stretches exactly how they look in the photo. You may have less mobility (or more) than Eric does for certain stretches and that’s oka…Read More


    5 PLANKS THAT WILL BUILD CORE STRENGTH & IMPROVE YOUR HANDSTANDS Getting inverted can be scary, so we put this post together to help prepare the mind and body for skills like freestanding handstands, handstand walks, press to handstands, and handstand push-ups in the future. Read through until the end and check out the bonus video! The Plank long body walk-out will help improve hamstring and s…Read More


    TURN YOUR CARDIO ROUTINE UPSIDE DOWN WITH INVERTED SPRINTS Tired of the regular run-of-the-mill tread mill or boring old cardio machines? Are you looking for a fun and exciting way burn unwanted calories? Look no further! Inverted sprints help build balance, endurance, stamina, and improve upper body and core strength all while raising the heart rate – making it the perfect movement for your nex…Read More

  9. Muscle Up Tutorial

    Muscle Up Tutorial: Build Your Strength And Technique For a Strict Muscle Up (4 part Video Tutorials) At Flipfit, we don’t believe in shortcuts, magic bullets, hacks, or cheat codes. Instead, we’ve broken down the most effective tools for success for the muscle-up into a 4-part video series of straightforward progressions. With these progressions, consistency, and a little bit of hard work, yo…Read More


    What is Gymnastics Strength Training? Gymnastics strength training is a system of movements which utilizes natural bodyweight movements to build ultimate levels of strength, power, agility, balance, and mobility, creating a freedom that is unparalleled to any other form of exercise. What can I expect from gymnastics strength training? Men’s Physique Strong powerful and muscular upper body from e…Read More