10. Total Body Strength

If you are looking for an efficient way to train the entire body, look no further than progressive calisthenics. The great thing about using your own body as resistance is that most movements recruit the entire body to achieve the task at hand. Every workout has a specific focus and goal for the day, yet all of our workouts at FlipFit call on all of the muscle groups to work together as a system for a total body workout.


We’ve all been to the gym with rows and rows of treadmills and machines designed to get you “STRONG.” The truth is that your body is the only machine you need to get strong. Machines only mimic real human movements and isolate muscles that are designed to work together in balance. At FlipFit, we put away the fancy gadgets and get down to moving like a human again.

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“Now am able to do the impossible! Thanks Eric and FlipFit”


Are you new to working out and intimidated by weights? Or are you just too worried to get started because you think the movements will be too hard now that you are out of shape? At FlipFit, we use a progressive system of calisthenic exercises that are beginner friendly and great for just getting starting at the gym again. Although you may see the more advanced gymnastics strength skills, don’t let that stop you. Progressive calisthenics is a great way to build a strong foundation and grow a passion for fitness and movement.

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If your goals are to lose some unwanted weight around the midsection and increase energy, bodyweight strength training is one of the most efficient ways to make it happen safely and quickly. FlipFit uses bodyweight movements to burn fat, using progressions and unique movement variations to keep everyone in their zone of progress so they can get the most out of each workout and achieve their goals. Every workout includes a “Conditioning” section, where we turn the complexity down and the intensity up for a fast and fun sprint to the finish!

FlipFit Training Testimonials
“Learned so much about myself and mobility in this training! Looking forward to going to another workshop soon! Hoping for an Eastside location so I can spend more time here!”
– Joe Title


No matter your age, bodyweight strength training can help you. FlipFit uses bodyweight movements to build strength and a passion for movement for all ages. Progression calisthenics is great for young children exploring and learning movement for the first time, building a foundation for all different movement forms in the future. Because progressive calisthenics is so versatile, it also allows us to find the right intensity for the elderly to enjoy moving and improving strength, posture, overall mobility, and well-being.


Can’t touch your toes? Have a hard time staying focused in your grandma’s yoga class? Progressive calisthenics movements are great for improving flexibility and strength in end ranges. Whether you are a tin man that can’t bend over to save his life or if you are super flexible, FlipFit or a progressive calisthenics program will have a level to challenge and improve your range of motion. FlipFit’s program uses a mix of strength and loaded flexibility movements to create a balance in the body – unlocking your true potential.


Are you tired of getting hurt over and over again? Are you having a hard time getting back to 100%? Or even worse, are you on the edge of an injury just hoping your next movement isn’t your last?? Being that calisthenics is so progressive and natural, it is great for nursing an injury back to full health. Finding the right movements and progressions to keep you pain-free but progressing is the hard part, but professional guidance it could really speed up the recovery process. FlipFit uses a progressive system to find movements that are pain-free and that help build the body back up to its full potential.


Do you find yourself with a stiff neck and shoulder pain from being slumped over a desk with poor posture? Posture affects breathing, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Calisthenics places a large focus on flexibility and on strengthening the posterior chain muscles to help with desk necks and shoulders. FlipFit’s progressive calisthenics program is designed to help improve muscle imbalances and ultimately improve posture with dedicated practice.


Progressive calisthenics or gymnastics strength training has huge skill transfer to other forms of movement. Bodybuilders and lifters often utilize gymnastics or bodyweight strength movements to improve their lifts and flexibility. Many martial artists swear by the benefits of being able to have strength and control of their body using progressive calisthenics. FlipFit has been known to help athletes from a variety of different sports, including crossfit, tumbling, parkour, golf, and shooting. FlipFit has been the key to allow them that extra edge on their competition.


I may sound like a broken record but perhaps the best part about progression calisthenics, gymnastics strength training, bodyweight strength training, or whatever you want to call it is that it is literally great for everyone. It can be personalized to challenge the most elite of athletes, yet it is equally effective for someone that is out of shape or just getting started. Click the link below and schedule your free baseline consultation at FlipFit Gymnastics Strength training to see why Progressive Calisthenics is best for YOU! (PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM)