Coach Eric

Finding love and passion for the sport of gymnastics and movement at a young age it was easy to stay strong and fit as a kid. Competing in High schools gymnastics, B.M.X and aggressive skating made an active lifestyle fun! After high school, Eric stayed in shape by competing in college cheerleading, receiving a scholarship at Trinity Valley. Once finished Eric moved to Kentucky to coach gymnastics and purchased a membership at a typical global gym, to try to stay in shape. Yet no matter how hard he tried he always found himself frustrated, hurt and lacking motivation. Despite training hard he never felt the same satisfaction or as strong and mobility as before in his prime as a gymnast. After feeling burnt out of coaching gymnastics Eric found himself serving tables and even more lost, until one day he was invited to help out with a CrossFit class at a local CrossFit gym. Reigniting a passion for movement not only in his training but also in helping others. Incorporating his earlier knowledge in gymnastics Eric has developed a system that gives everyone the freedom to learn and benefit from gymnastics strength training without the need of past gymnastics experience or age limitations. Today, Eric continues to help people improve their health and lifestyle using gymnastics strength training.

Coach Isabelle

All throughout Isabelle’s life she has always been in the athletic world. She started with gymnastics at the age of 3 and did just about every other sport until she found cheerleading. Isabelle was a cheerleader for 9 years and loved every part of it. One of the things she loved the most, was when her cheerleading team would do their annual cheerleading camp for kids in kindergarten all the way to 8th grade. That’s when Isabelle realized she wanted to work with kids for the rest of her life. Isabelle is pursuing a degree in kinesiology and wants to become an occupational therapist in pediatrics. She has always enjoyed working with kids and genuinely loves teaching the FlipFit kids program.

Coach Nick

As a child nick was no stranger to exercising; Although he only saw it as fun competing in sports like Wrestling, B.M.X, and skateboarding. Nick is now the head kids coach at FlipFit. “My goal is to assure every student is developing safe, skills, discipline, and healthy habits all while teaching them how fun an active and healthy lifestyle can be!”