Handstands are an impressive skills that demonstrate a high level of strength, flexibility and body control.

Handstands are a broad topic, and it would be impossible to cover everything. In this article I will keep it short and sweet. Leaving you with practical and effect tips to help you achieve your first freestanding handstand.

Handstands Make You Better at Everything

Handstands may seem like an impossible feet that is reserved for gymnasts and circus performers, kept as a seceret from regular gym and strength programs.  Slowly but surely handstands are getting the fame they deserve afterall when it comes to assessing and improving your overall strength, body control, and spatial awareness, handstands are hard to beat.

There are many ways to do a handstand but for today’s topic we will focus on the straight long body handstand.

When building up to the perfect handstand we look for the following

  • Opens up the shoulders
  • Encourages a stronger, tighter core
  • Strengthens the legs and butt
  • Protects the back

Think about improving shoulder flexible, developing a stronger tighter core, stronger legs, butt, all while bulletproofing your back – This is way the freestanding handstand is one of our 9 pinnacle movements of FlipFit handstands pack so many benefits all other activities and movements will be improved.

Preparing Your Body for Handstand Practice WITHOUT Getting upside down?!?!

Before jumping right into a handstand – and if you haven’t practiced handstands before, I really don’t recommend doing that! – it’s important to get your body ready for the work ahead.

The 3 areas that you will want to focus on BEFORE going upside down are your wrists, shoulders and core.

Check out the video below with my 3 favorite ways to improve your handstand WITHOUT getting upside down.



On this exercise you will be strengthen the hands and fingers to help you balance inverted.


This Exercise may look impossible in the begining but with the proper progressions anything is possible.

  • Knuckle Rocking Push Ups

Keep the Wrist balanced with knuckle rocking push ups

Shoulder flexibility and stability in end ranges in key for success in your handstand training. We have all seen the broken banana back handstand walking across the gym. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that is not the most efficient to stand or walk on our hands.  Check out the video below and straighten out that broken handstand with my top 3 shoulder stretches.

Top 3 shoulder stretches to help get rid of your banana back handstand

Get rid of your security blanket

Every person is going to be different and, depending on your background, you may be spending more or less time on each progression before moving on. The important thing is to keep working on the level you are at until you feel very comfortable. Yet, after a strong foundation has been build it is take to leave the nest. All to often I see beginners stuck using the wall for way to  long. Never allowing your body to learn to balance on its own slowing down progress and creating frustrating pluteus in your handstand training. Check out my top 3 handstand movements to help you balance WITHOUT the wall.