Core day is more than just about abs. Yes, we all want those defining lines and toned muscles to show off at the beach, but what are we really working towards on core day?

Core stabilization serves a more critical and important function than simple aesthetics.

Just doing sit-ups and crunches will not guarantee a strong core. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find that most people don’t fully and properly engage the core when performing some of these exercises. A weak and poorly activated core will most certainly guarantee dysfunction, injury, and overcompensation with the back. And VOILA, back pain!!

You must train to activate the entire core in a variety of positions, all of which will give you greater balance and stability. The core is the trunk that stabilizes the entire body when performing movements.

Core strength is an indication of spinal stability and it’s more than just the front muscles. As Kelly Starret, famed mobility guru, would say: true midline stability is an issue of “butt and gut.” So what we’re really talking about is an entire group of muscles and connective tissue from the lats to the glutes in the back and the abdominal muscles and obliques in the front.

Most of our core day exercises at FlipFit will focus on building trunk strength rather than simply indulging the front abdominal muscles. We work progressions that require the engagement of a 

stabilized spinal position. One of the building blocks is working the hollow body and plank and understanding the proper way to avoid breaking position when performing more demanding, complex, and dynamic movements.

Looking for a Complete Core? I  challenge you to try these movements.

Handstands are a staple of the FlipFit methodology. All of our handstand progressions involve developing this awareness of proper and neutral spine position.

So while we work the core with almost everything, we like to zero in on this for some serious strength GaInZzz during core days. Our programming is especially built to introduce a variety of challenging movements with every cycle. Some of these movements include hollow body rocks, spider push-ups, strict toes to bar, and even flag progressions.

The flag is a popular movement. When Mike first started with us he struggled with holding a hollow body position. Look at him now, working those flags like nobody’s businezzz!! Watch him in the video. It was all done with building strength through proper progressions.

And once you have a strong core and your spine is healthy and protected, the beach body abs are just icing on the cake.