How to Start

FREE 1 on 1 Baseline Assessment

Starting a new fitness program can be difficult and down right intimidating this is why we do things differently at FlipFit. Rather then throw you into classes amongst members that have been here for years, we start everyone with a personal FlipFit coach to guide you to success. After your first session our head coach and program director will recommend a starter package based on your needs and budget.

We know new things can be intimidating, but we're confident our expereinced staff and supoortive community will get you into a rhythym in no time!
FlipFit | How to Start

Let's be friends!

We want to spend some time learning about you. We'll review the last time you worked out and go over what you enjoy doing.


why do you move?

What is your purpose and why do you want to start a new training program? We want to help you achieve your goals starting with creating a smart plan of attack.


measure your baseline

We'll run through a quick 5 minute workout to assess your total body strength, mobility, and fitness capacity. This will allow you to get a feel for our qulity of coaching and give us a starting point for your goals.


plan of attack

Now we know where you are and where you want to with your fitness goals! Together we will create a plan of attack to achieve your individual goals.