What is Gymnastics Strength Training?

Gymnastics strength training is a system of movements which utilizes natural bodyweight movements to build ultimate levels of strength, power, agility, balance, and mobility, creating a freedom that is unparalleled to any other form of exercise.

What can I expect from gymnastics strength training?

Men’s Physique

  • Strong powerful and muscular upper body from elements like the gymnastics rings.
  • Lean and defined mid-sections from the wide range of core dominate movements like L seats, Levers and hanging Leg raise variations. Not to mention the bonus that most all body-weight movement require a large amount of core activate just to perform the skill correctly
  • New Freedom to move from powerful mobility progression everyone can benefit from.

Women’s Physique

  • Strong and lean (not bulky) upper body from elements like the gymnastics rings and handstands.
  • Slim waist and defined core from core dominant movements like L-seats, levers, and hanging L-seat variations.
  • In addition, most of these all body-weight movement require a large amount of core activation just to perform the skill correctly.
  • Powerful mobility – even the most limber of women can gain strength in their flexibility with gymnastics strength training.

What Does A Workout Look Like?

Joint Preparation No matter what form of movement, it is always a good idea to get warmed up and prepare the joints for what is about to come. This helps to prevent injuries and keep you safe during the more intense portions of the workout. Joint prep should be specific to the muscle groups and skills that are going to be performed during the workout. This will wake up the mind and body and get you primed for success.

Goals of a successful warm up

Raises the body temperature and heart rate and should leave you in a light sweat.
Prepares specific joints and muscles in the ranges they are going to be used.
Uses easier progressions of the movements you plan to use in the core of your workout.


Even just the word “handstand” can bring fear to most non-gymnasts coming into gymnastics strength training. Yet with a safe and progressive system, anyone can master skills like handstands. The benefits of practicing handstands are endless even if you have never done a day of gymnastics in your life. Handstands help strengthen the shoulders and core, all while improving mobility and body awareness. They’re also extremely fun and addicting! There are many different types of handstands and headstand variations to play with, from presses to handstand push-ups as well as just improving your line and max holds. A good gymnastics strength program includes handstands as a staple for success.


A good gymnastics strength program will build a strong and powerful body, leaving you feeling better than ever and ready for just about any challenge. Although no weight is used, you will gain massive strength using just your bodyweight as resistance. Gymnastics strength training uses leverage and progressions to keep the repetitions low and strength gains high. Traditional calisthenics programs focused a large amount of push-ups to build endurance. Instead, FlipFit looks for harder progressions to force hypertrophy (growth) of the muscles.


Every good gymnastics strength program should include a conditioning section of the workout. This will help improve endurance and burn unwanted fat. Intensity should be high but movements less complex to allow you to maintain good form when moving at a faster pace.


Many of the most common gymnastic strength training movements require a large amount of flexibility/mobility. Therefore, it is extremely important for your success in gymnastics strength training. All good gymnastics strength programs need to focus on not only stretching, but improving strength in end ranges. This will give you the freedom you are looking for from your mobility training – improving your entire movement practice from top to bottom.

Who is gymnastics strength training for?

  1. Gymnastics strength training is for anyone who is frustrated with lack of results or plateaus in traditional training.
  2. FlipFit is for anyone who is tired of boring, mindless machines that attempt to mimic movements and leave the body feeling more restricted.
  3. It is for anyone who is tired of being told that you have to be huge and bulky and the only way to get strong is by lifting weights.
  4. FlipFit is for anyone who has been injured by “get ripped quick” schemes, promising impossible results with workouts nobody can keep up with safely.

3 Tips for success when starting a gymnastics strength training program.

  1. Find a coach or a mentor. If you truly want to save time and frustration, you need to find a coach or mentor that can help you strengthen your weak links and guide you with a system or set of rules to keep you committed and on track for success.
  2. Be patient. The more you rush the basics, the further you will be off track for the more advanced movements
  3. Find a community to support and help you stay accountable to success.

How to overcome your fears

“We only fear the unknown.”

The biggest reason people fear movements like handstands and other advanced gymnastics strength movements is because they have not yet developed a foundation. A good gymnastics strength program has a set system and progressions that can guide you down the path towards the more advanced skills at a pace that is comfortable and will avoid fear altogether. Check out Mike’s amazing story of how he overcame his fear and started gymnastics strength training. His results speak for themselves!

Success Stories

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